Alabama police no match for satyagrahis

22 03 2008

After a morning at the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Civil Rights Memorial museum in Montgomery, Alabama — and with their new banner — the workers were charged up more than ever before for a march through the heart of the Deep South.

After a few miles, Alabama’s finest made an appearance, first simply riding alongside, then making a brief stop to find out what the march was about, then finally stopping the group for a nice long chat.

The police claimed that Montgomery law required a permit any time more than four people walked together. Anywhere. For any reason. Unbelievable, maybe, but true, as our lawyers discovered. While the negotiations continued, a local TV news reporter happened to passing by on his way home from work and decided to set up.

(The news report that came out of it is here.)

Then came the strangest turn of all: At the very moment the satyagrahis were discussing which 4 should continue the march, the local police chief pulled up, had a little discussion with the other officers, and came to tell us they had decided to “revoke the permit requirement.” And off we went!

Spirits were so high that even at sundown the satyagrahis wanted to keep on marching, and only as night fell with the deepening shades of a beautiful sunset behind them, were the workers ready to call it a day.

We’re spending the night just outside of Atlanta. Check back for updates soon, and as always, drop in at for lots more photos!




2 responses

22 03 2008
Susan Riesel

Dear Guys,

22 03 2008
Susan Riesel

Dear guys,
I am so proud of all of you. I only wish I could march along side of you. Keep on trucking. How can I help? Should I write my Congressman? Call my local newspaper? Are you taking donations?
G-d bless you all. Much love. Jake’s Mom.

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