Comments from US Secretary of Labor on H2B issues

22 04 2008

‘Aside from legislative issues that could impact the nation’s small businesses, Chao also spoke about the need for a guest-worker program and lower taxes – two issues she considers critical to boosting U.S. economic growth. “The president’s economic stimulus package includes important incentives to help small businesses grow,” she said. “Now, with the economy the way that it is, this is not the time to pass new taxes that would burden businesses and dampen the economy. With the current unemployment rate below historic averages, we actually have a difficult time finding temporary workers. So the H2B temporary worker program is quite popular with your industry. Still, Congress has mandated a cap on the number of H2B workers.

“Now, we realize this is causing hardships on many employers who rely on these workers, but the [Bush] administration cannot lift the cap – only Congress can. However, the administration is going to propose changes to the law, and the Department of Labor has drafted reforms that should be available soon for public comment,” Chao said. “This is part of the process – the public has the opportunity to to comment on and shape how this legislation will come out. Your opinions are essential and let me encourage you to make your voices heard.”’


Elaine Chao, United States Secretary of Labor
April 15, 2008


Full article can be found here.




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