Day 13 – birthday call!

26 05 2008

Of all the extraordinary strength and bravery shown by the Indian labor trafficking survivors now on Day 13 of a hunger strike for justice in Washington, DC, no one has been more inspiring than Mr. Paul Konar. Paul is a 53 year-old father of three daughters who supported a large extended family in his home state of Kerala before he — like more than 550 of his countrymen — was cheated out of $20,000 with false promises of an American Dream and received a temporary 10-month guest worker visa instead.

He is also our “hunger strike strongman,” the only worker who started the fast on May 14 and has not been forced to stop by hospitalization. He is stronger on Day 13 than he was on Day 2.

On Wednesday, May 28, Paul turns 54. “I want a bottle of water with a birthday candle on top,” Paul said. “Everyone else should have a great party, and I will stay on the hunger strike with God’s help.” Please take a moment to write Paul a birthday greeting and message of support at All the messages will be printed out and read at a reception for him on Wednesday evening.

You can also make a donation in honor of Paul to the hunger strike fund by visiting our contribution page.

Thank you for all of your support!




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