JwJ members send 8,766 letters to Congress!

31 05 2008

The support of our allies at Jobs With Justice has been invaluable from long before the hunger strike began. They’ve spread the word nationwide, spoke at rallies in DC, brought supporters out by the dozens, held solidarity actions around the country, arranged viewings of a film about the workers, and much more.

But today we had a report on their effort to win Congressional support for the workers’ cause that was amazing even by their standards. As of Thursday night, JwJ members in more than 40 cities had sent 8,766 letters to US Congressmen urging them to sign on to Congressman Dennis Kucinich’s letter to the Department of Justice. The letter asks for what the hunger strikers have been asking for: continued presence in the US for the workers so they can participate in an investigation to bring the traffickers to justice.

Let’s say that one more time.

8,766 letters.

There’s no better coda to that then JwJ’s own action alert:


The workers are asking Jobs with Justice and other national allies for two specific actions to help them win the strike.

1) Visit, call, and pressure your Representatives and Senators until they agree to sign onto the Kucinich letter.

2) Hold visible, public protest actions at the Federal Building in your city demanding that the Department of Justice respond to the workers, grant them continued presence, and investigate their case. These actions around the country will happen in conjunction with a massive public action at the Department of Justice in Washington DC on June 11.




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